Love is the one thing that can bring us all together.

To serve that purpose, the Global Mission of Peace (GMoP) announces the first international Love for All, Hatred for None Day on Sunday, January 31, 2016, a day of sharing, caring and celebration.

On the days leading up to January 31, GMoP is encouraging everyone around the world to spread the word about this special day and to plan acts of their choice that show unconditional love. We are asking people to document such acts in words and video and post them on our Facebook page as soon as possible, Refer to this page to see what others are doing.

To inspire you, here are some ideas for acts showing unconditional love on January 31 and/or the days leading up to it: doing a favor for someone, hugging lots of people, helping clean up a shoreline, starting a community organic garden, visiting children at a group home, volunteering to help the homeless, holding interfaith meetings, presenting world religions information at schools, volunteering for animal rescue organizations, talking to clergy about mentioning this at their worship services, and more actions large and small.

On Love for All, Hatred for None Day, if you are aware of a group that has been insulted, injured or otherwise hurt by words or deeds of hatred, you can take action to apologize and make amends on behalf of the community. For example, bring flowers to the injured parties. Another idea is to organize a fix-up event to repair vandalism.

We at the Global Mission of Peace feel that such acts can bridge the gap between people of all faiths and can defuse the hatred and fear that’s been fomented against so many God-loving people.

For more information and to see the Love for All, Hatred for None Day activities promoting caring, tolerance and acceptance, see our Facebook page above. 

In addition, we’re encouraging people in all the world’s religions to join in peace and love by giving the prayer below for reading at worship services to be held on January 31 or held on days leading up to that day.

Thank you for considering this gesture of caring and reconciliation.