Core Values

On a heart level, these are the values we aspire to live by. In the core of our being, these are the values we aspire to have internalized. These are the values we wish to emanate to others:

The Golden Rule: To treat other people as we would wish other people to treat us.

We aim to do our work with love, trust and compassion.

Extending freedom to everybody.

On every level, we wish to set our fellow sojourners in this world free to follow their own conscience and individual path in life, to have the freedom to choose their own world views and religious convictions, without exerting aggression, judgment or control upon others.

Work together with humility.

Our perception of reality is at best partial. Each of us can see only a part of the whole. None of us has the "whole picture" and "knows-it-all." We are all part of something bigger than ourselves. Our chosen approach to reality is therefore, neither dogmatic nor fundamentalist, but rather childlike and exploratory, curious and questioning.

Humility is: being honest with ourselves as to who we are, to accept our strengths as well as our shortcomings, to accept our talents and gifts as well as our "failures." Humility seeks first to understand the other, rather than to be understood.

We strive to have higher goals and aspirations than simply our own personal peace and affluence.

We choose to take part in a grand project where we work together for the best for mankind and the planet

Respect for intrinsic value.

Everyone has his or her equally important place in this greater whole. Remembering that diversity is a blessing, not a threat Acknowledging everyone as a teacher, and everybody as a student.

Personal responsibility and the right to fail.

All of us are 100% responsible for our lives, actions, feelings and thoughts in life. We strive to forgive those that have harmed us and offended us, not clinging to negative inner energy that formed the situation. We don't blame others for the condition of our own inner life but indeed take personal responsibility for it.

We allow others (as well as ourselves) the right to fail. Admitting that we are responsible when we fail; saying we are sorry when appropriate; always seeking to make amends when we are able. No human being is perfect and we don't need to be.

Seeking to build bridges and synergy between each other and our world.

Every human being has his or her unique creative energy. That energy can either be constructive or destructive. We seek to remain constructively creative and to encourage constructive creativity in others.

Encouraging synergy by uniting our individual creative energies for a common positive goal. Building bridges between people whenever we can. 

Spiritual Values: 

a) We believe in a loving and just Supreme Intelligence Creator God as the ultimate source and upholder of the universe, and as the ultimate guide for our lives.

b)  We believe wo[man]’s ultimate happiness and fulfillment is found in surrendering to God and in seeking to live out our individual soul contracts with God.

c)  We refuse to create and worship an absolute dogmatic image of God, but choose to  have an open mind and heart, embracing people from all belief systems.

d)  Although we believe in a personal Creator God, our most important mission is to flow in synchronicity with our individual identity as spiritual beings while aspiring to live by the GMoP core values, no matter what belief systems we adhere to, religious or non-religious.