OUR VISION: Heaven on Earth. Peace and Prosperity for All.


  1. To wage a war on ignorance and financial tyranny, by enlightening people to the hidden financial and control slave systems of the world.
  2. To empower individuals and groups with noble hearts, to develop their visions for a better world, through humanitarian projects.
  3. To create awareness of positive endeavors in the world that work towards our vision.
  4. To lovingly cultivate a networking platform, so that more and more positive synergy will take place.
  5. To empower future generations to make better choices for themselves and to thrive in freedom.

Our main goal is for everyone to have the freedom to lead a life of peace and prosperity, in every single aspect of their lives.


We seek:

  •  Enough resources for every person on the planet.
  • A society without debilitating conflicts and financial interference.
  •  A world where every child grows up in a safe, secure, nurturing, empathetic, and thriving world.
  •  A world where people die of old age and not through sickness or war.
  • A world where people are empowered to take responsibility for themselves rather than simply being controlled by a small, self-named, “elite” group.
  •  An education system which empowers/expands people and does not enslave/limit them.
  • To train enough future leaders, in a value based, empathetic and long-term-thinking type of leadership, enabling organizations to shift, “from inside out”, to the new paradigm.