Notice regarding True Vision of Peace.

Global Mission of Peace began in the winter of 2015 under the name True Vision of Peace. The webmaster at that time was Crystal G. She was also a cofounder.

In early fall, of 2015, the Ambassador of the Red Dragon Family wanted to turn our Vision into a Mission, but he found that Crystal G. was unwilling to submit to the new developments.

Global Mission of Peace was therefore established in August, 2015 as a new and separate entity.

Since then we have tried many times to come to a peaceful settlement with Crystal G.  A request was made for the original TVoP website to be removed and ownership transferred to the Ambassador. We were unsuccessful in our efforts and we see no other option at this moment than to pursue legal actions to settle these issues. 

We therefore regrettably find it necessary to come with the following disclaimer:

  • Global Mission of Peace and the Ambassador are not in any way associated with the website www.truevisionofpeace.com and its content.
  • Crystal G. has had sole control of the development of this website for more than six months.
  • Crystal G. is in no way representing the Ambassador of the Red Dragon Family or the organization of Global Mission of Peace.