Voice of the Dragon

Ambassador's Family Crest

Ambassador's Family Crest

Global Mission of Peace is a global initiative, inspired by the vision of The Ambassador of the Red Dragon Family (Historical Chinese Royal Family)—which, to this day, operates as a sovereign judicial & financial organization in accordance with international treaties.

The Ambassador started to share his message regarding what he calls "The War on Ignorance" in the summer of 2014. Since then, people all over the world have heard his voice, keen intellect, and warm heart, on numerous international media programs and interviews.

The term 'Red Dragon Family' is composed of two symbols- 'Red' for Chinese heritage and 'Dragon' for Royal family bloodline. There are many descendants of this Royal Bloodline that comprise many nationalities, and diverse religions, all over the globe. It is truly an international organization and fraternity. The Dragon Family members are the trustees of recently disclosed massive gold reserves set to serve humanity.

Global Mission of Peace is an initiative of the above parties and like-hearted individuals with innovative visions for the future.

The Dragon's message is simple: it is now time for humanity to awaken and understand the dire state of our current world.

To do this, The Ambassador states, "We must first look at ourselves in the mirror, surrender to our own personal concept of the Creator—whatever that may be. And do something to address our goldfish mentality*." 

A goldfish tends to swim around in its little goldfish bowl, perhaps unaware of the larger world outside, happy to be fed and entertained once in a while. Relatedly many of us are oblivious—or indifferent—to the extent of the destruction and suffering on our planet, and only when we each take personal responsibility, to make the necessary shift and change, can we end all war and bring about peace upon our beautiful planet. The future of humanity is at stake. It is for this reason that Global Mission of Peace has engaged in a campaign to create awareness, and fund humanitarian projects lead by individuals with innovative visions and business plans in the sectors of energy, health, community, media, and more. 

 *A goldfish is someone who seems to live in an enclosed fish bowl-like mental environment, with a correspondingly narrow view of the world. This can be out of either willful ignorance or innocence.  We are all goldfish in some way. All of us have the immediate possibility to jump out of the fish bowl and into the sea of greater knowledge.

Global Mission of Peace humanitarian project funding initiates a human experiment designed to empower humanity to make the necessary shift and change—allowing us to take our destiny into our own hands. As opposed to the hands of a small group of global elite controllers. 

Only then will we be able to free ourselves from what has been increasingly described as global financial tyranny. If we simply rely on others to free us, we will only perpetuate our financial and mental slavery.

Transform ourselves, and the world will be transformed. 

Reform ourselves, and the world will be reformed. Through this transformation/reformation, fear will be replaced by love.

It is our sincere hope that all people will gain confidence in learning to work together to overcome the present visible corruption of the class of political and corporate minions—and their often hidden global elite controllers.

Through the release of truthful information and education, humanity has the possibility to awaken. Our ignorance is currently perpetuated by: 

  • The deceptive corporate-controlled mass media
  • The current education system, historically controlled in a way similar to mass media
  • Historical religions meant to divide us with dogma, having lost touch with the teachings of their orginal founders
  • Fear, encouraged by all of the above and a perpetual state of war that benefits a select few—the elite, defense contractors, oil companies, and the like